Pixel is IOT product of Admybrand for improved transparency in TV ad analytics and ad placement data. Pixel codes are small 16X16 unique codes or mini version of QR codes that are embedded for each TV ad for uniquely identify their placement during TV channels. Pixel codes are captured from livestream TV data to help advertisers with 100% accurate data about placement of their ads on TV.


All TV channels have their logo placed mostly on top left corner or at times near top right corner. These logos are placed irrespective of whatever ad or television program playing on TV. Few TV channels also make this logos dynamic with repeated animation loops but these are mostly static for most of the channels. To understand what is pixel code just imagine these TV logos to be very small in size - to be precise 16X16 pixel, which is so small that these pixel codes are not visible to human eyes. Unlike Logos which are not placed at very corner of your TV screen, pixel codes are placed to the extreme corner of your screen and these codes are dynamic that is every TV channel, every TV program and every TV ad will have a unique Pixel code also to help prevent cluttering and to have access to most information - pixel codes are placed at all four corners and top center and bottom center screens of your TV live stream.


Current day TV rating systems are not only inaccurate but are like firing arrows in the dark with broken bow. Traditional TV rating system rely on very low data set and require those few dozen of users in sample set out of millions of actual users to record data using people meter. The technology is zero and even in this system of manual collection of data - the transfer of data from people meter to the server is mysterious especially in 1990s when there was no wi-fi, bluetooth but just dial up connections - how data is transferred from people meter to central servers is again a mystery. Therefore, to bring transparency in TV ratings and TV ad analytics - its required to use latest technologies and thus, Pixel is the need of the hour.


Pixel Codes are embedded on every ad and on every TV channel on all corners and top center and bottom center. The codes denotes Channel name, country and channel data on three pixel codes on the top and denotes program name or ad name and content data on three pixel codes on the bottom. Pixel codes are readable by machines with the help of computer vision algorithms and can also be seen with naked eyes by focusing on corner of your TV with magnifying glasses. Pixel codes are read by recipient machines that we install to capture 24X7 livesteam data of VTV channels with OTT services as well as by Set top box machines. Once the codes are read by set top box and the capture data is communicated back to the central servers, we can help advertisers with viewership and ad placement data and can also facilitate ad re-targeting for them.


Pixel codes are magic dust and most useful tool for advertisers looking to book ads on TV and are looking for analytics and facilitation for re-targeting of TV ads on other devices. Pixel codes help advertisers with proof of placement - if you have book ads for 10 times and your ad is played for only 8 times, how you would come to know about it? You would not be sitting in front of TV 24X7 to count number of times your ads are placed along with timestamp and slot details - Pixel solve this problem for advertisers by providing with ad placement data along with analytics on viewership - We can tell you how many people were viewing a particular channel on a particular time - who all have seen your TV ads and can also help you facilitate re-targeting ads to them in real time and anytime later on viewers mobile devices and other offline ad mediums.